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Manufacturer/ Supplier/ Exporter of Plastic Packaging Box, PVC Transparent/Colour Printed Boxes, PET Transparent/ Coloured Printed Boxes, PP Transparent/Coloured, Printed Boxes, Clamshell, Thermoformed Packing, Blister Packing, etc. also available in Customisable size, colour, print, etc.

Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter/Importer of Clear Packaging Box, Transparent PP Box, PVC Transparent/Colour Printed Boxes, PET Transparent/ Coloured Printed Boxes, PP Transparent/Coloured, Printed Boxes, Clamshell, Thermoformed Packing, Blister Packing. All of these are available in Customisable size, colour, print etc.

About Us

HIP LIK Packaging Products Corp India Pvt. Ltd.
brings forth unique, customized packaging solutions best suitable for Cosmetic packaging, Stationary packaging, Gift packaging, Garment packaging, Undergarments packing, transparent packaging, Jewellery packaging, Electronic product packaging, art and craft packaging, pharmaceutical product packaging etc. Ideal for Product public displaying and make full use of product visualisation. We offer a wide range of Clear Plastic Packaging range which includes Clear Packaging Box, Packaging Box, Acetate Box, Clear Box, Cosmetic Packaging, Gift Boxes, Gift Packaging Box, Perfume Packaging, Pet Box, Plastic Box, Pp Box, Pvc Box, Transparent Packaging Box, Plastic Packaging Box, Cosmetic Packaging Box, etc.

We develop and provide Clear Plastic Packaging, employing Soft Crease technology (patented), whereby the strength and efficiency of the Packaging Folding Box are enhanced. Preferable to high-grade PET, APET, RPET in different thickness and thickness tolerance, our packaging solution receives many paeans in both local and overseas marketplaces. Synthesis of ingenious technology and best-in-the-quality constituents in production renders attractive and sophisticated look, allows fast and quick packaging, and saves labor cost. The Clear Packaging Box is favoured the most by various manufactures across the globe is served to customers as HLP Clear Plastic Boxes  comes with their noticeable clean appearance, get folded accurately, and have clean lines. We have patented SK Crease Technology which find extensive usage in design and decoration industries.

Our Technology-Focused Approach

There is a tinge of technology in every thing we have and everything we offer. We make use of Japanese & German Technology based manufacturing machines to process the raw material such as PP, PVC, PET, APET, and rPET. Further, we use latest and patented Soft Crease technology for better quality and attractive Plastic Packaging Boxes depicting clean lines and accurate folding.

Our Efficiency Showcased in Numbers

We have been established in the year 1969 as manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. Our 40 years of experience in the offering- clear fold packaging is evident in the quality packaging boxes we offer to the clients. Our employee strength is more than 1000 in which more than 150 are engineers. Our monthly production capacity is Avg of 30 million/month with which, we are able to meet customer requirement quickly and efficiently. And for all the above, we have earned ISO 9001: 2008 certification that depicts our stance towards quality products and better service.

Finest-Quality Constituting Materials

We purchase materials from only the world's Best producers, always to our more demand for impeccable  appearance and performance specifications. The results are:

  • Better scratch and static resistance
  • Higher clarity
  • Higher impact resistance
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Product Gallery
Appealing Packaging Solutions for effective brand communication....

Why Clear Packaging?

Our Plastic Box Packaging serves brand communication tool owing to beautiful appearance that creates huge appeal among customers. Attractively designed, Clear and Less expensive Plastic Packaging includes PP Box, PVC Box, PET Box, APET Box, and RPET Box are available with us that lead to the following:

  • High appeal among customers
  • Contribute to good impact and thus positive sales results
  • Enables the customers to view the content
  • Enticing aesthetics and excellent display characteristics
  • Serves as perfect seasonal packaging promotions, mainly gift set and purchase offers

Our Existence as A Clear Packaging Specialist

As an specialist, we take it as our responsibility to create strong visual impression of the brand of an FMCG Product. For the same, we work in co-ordination with the customers to develop creative structural designs with high functionality. The aim here is to heighten the shelf-impact and support the value perception of customers.

Apart from the above, we also provide comprehensive range of plastic packaging solutions such as Blister Packaging, Thermoform Packaging, Plastic Tube Packaging, and others. Each of these packaging boxes are checked and quality tested as per ISO 9001: 2008, Intertek - Global Standards for packaging.

Portfolio of Packaging Box Solutions Available With Us

We are leading clear plastic box producer in the world. The list of products we are offering as a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier is mentioned below:

  • Plastic Folding box
  • Tubes & Round
  • Thermoformed Products


We have created an environment-friendly atmosphere to manufacture a wide range of Plastic Packaging. Our plastic only facility has advanced air quality, humid control, and temperature control equipment to eliminate all kinds of dust. We have robust manufacturing machines based on Japanese and German Technology to provide clear plastic packaging solutions to the clients. As a result, our stock PET Boxes, PVC Boxes, Clear PVC Boxes, and others are of desired quality depicting clear fold packaging.

We have advanced printing equipment, designing studio, automatic gluing equipment, and creasing equipment  to better serve the customers.

Minimum Order Quantity is 5000 Boxes